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How to connect via CONSOLE.Or wait 50 seconds to see servers

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How to connect via CONSOLE.Or wait 50 seconds to see servers

Post  MDK NL on Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:53 am

In the console screen where ip 192.168..... is in the example picture.
write connect or with port 27018 (coop, survival)
This is also handy when 8 players are already connected, since the servers can hold 12 players.
Wait atleast 50 seconds to see more servers in server listmenu or custom menu serverbrowser.
just keep refreshing a few times.
To see info of a server, just rightmouseclick on a customserver in custommenu serverbrowser.
To connect, add to favorites or to see server information.
Enjoy Very Happy
l4d_5[1].JPG example console screen connectYou don't have permission to download attachments.(39 Kb) Downloaded 3 times

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